What We Offer

Why elect to use our services? The answer, “Simplicity”. We simplify the process of developing and implementing websites for small to mid-size business by removing the complexity.

We understand that most small business owners are not technically minded, nor should they need to be – after all you should be focusing on your business, not developing and maintaining a website. Our approach is grounded in the concept of a “turn-key” set of services, much like a utility. It truly is “plug-n-play“.

Any site, any platform, anywhere, any time.

Our Service Guarantee

Both our hosting and site development services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For hosting, you may elect to cancel at any time, there are no contracts, additional fees or penalties. Our approach to site development is iterative, meaning we work with you to get it right. The development cycle has 3 milestones, intended as checkpoints during the engagement – Conceptualize, Ideation, Activation.  You may elect to discontinue the engagement with no penalty and be refunded for the full purchase price at any checkpoint. Furthermore, if you are not totally satisfied with your production site after 15 days of site delivery, you will be refunded 100% of the engagement fee, no questions asked.

We take our commitment to our client’s satisfaction very seriously and base our reputation on knowing what we delivered meets their expectations.